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More Pictures!

So the radio guy finally came through with pictures from the night we gave the boys the books.

There's one of the guys all looking at their books, and a second one of darling_lisa with the band.

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Thank You

I received a lovely thank you note from Ryan this weekend.

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I just wanted to share that with all of you.


So, at long last, I have the picture Eric took of us with the boys on the night we gave them the books.

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So, there you have it guys! It was an awesome, wonderful night and the boys loved their gifts!

The Books Have Been Delivered!

So, after a false start on Saturday at Ocean Shores, Eric came up to me directly on Sunday to let me know he was working the last minute stuff out and just hang tight.

Just before they started letting us in to the main room he came by to let me know how it was going to work out. The local radio station was doing a contest for a meet & greet, 10 people plus one, and I was added to the end of the list.

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It all went by so fast, but it was an amazing moment, punctuated by boys being boys and a chance to tell all five guys that we love them and thank them for everything they give to us.

Sam, Chris was VERY pleased with the covers. As soon as I find your email address, I have commentary for you.

Don't forget, you can order your own version of the book as well, available in two sizes.

75 Page Book (Prices from $25.74-$59.49)

100 Page Book (Prices from $31.99-$71.99)


I got up this morning to not one email from Eric, but three!

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It's looking like we might get to do this, guys! I got shipping confirmation on the last two books yesterday. I will have them in my hands tomorrow.

Getting Closer

We are now a week out from the gig where we hoped to deliver the books and still no word from Eric about getting an in person opportunity.

Have you sent your email?

Please be courteous and respectful when you do. The more of us he hears from the more he'll realize this isn't just a little thing.

I will be emailing him again myself tomorrow. I'll hit his twitter and facebook later in the week.

I realize he's busy with the tour getting ready to start, but it shouldn't take long to at least respond and say he's gotten the emails and he's still working on it or even just to say no.

An Idea and a Favor

I got the shipping information on books 2 & 3 (Jason's & Ryan's) yesterday. I will have them on Friday. If production times hold true for the last two books, I should have them next thursday.

That said, I emailed Eric again yesterday and while I was writing the email I hit upon an idea. I'm thinking that if he heard from more than just me, it might help us get our in person delivery.

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I sent my email last night. Who's next?

Update of the more variety

So this morning I ordered the last two books. I should have them in my hands on or around the 1st of September.

The two I ordered earlier this week should ship on Wednesday or Thursday.

Still no word from Eric. I will poke him via email over the weekend again.


Pictures of the First Book!

So today I took delivery of the first book! This is the Chris version of the book.

I gotta say folks, I am so, so, so pleased! It is absolutely gorgeous. I am so glad we opted for the highest quality. The paper alone is worth the extra money. It is thick and sturdy and the pages are brilliant!

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And there you have it! Thank you so, so, so much to everyone who contributed, even if it was just cheer leading! We're on the downhill slope now. Still willing to take donations if anyone wants to toss in a few bucks. We had a couple of people unable to follow through on promised donations, so I'm back to covering more than I anticipated.

I will be placing the order for the last two books on Friday morning.

And don't forget, you can order your very own book too!
Okay, everything is working now.

As I was investigating things I realized that I couldn't actually order all four remaining books at one time with overnight Fed Ex, because that would exceed my spending limit on my debit card.

So, I ordered books 2 & 3 today with 2 day Fed Ex delivery. That means I only need to order 4 & 5 on Friday after I get paid. I will be paying for my promised $$ and covering any of the promised donations that have not yet come in on Friday. The overnight delivery costs will drop too, since it's only two books.

I took the remaining $$ in the Paypal account to purchase a retail membership so that I could get the Fan Version of the books rolling.

I have the security set pretty high on these, so you'll need the actual URL listed below to purchase the books. I have created a 75 page book and a 100 page book to try to get something everyone can afford. Each book is available in a multitude of options as well, from softcover with lower end printing and paper all the way up to the high quality hardcovers that we purchased for the guys.

Please note that these are at cost and the prices do not include shipping.

75 Page Book (Prices from $25.74-$59.49)

100 Page Book (Prices from $31.99-$71.99)

So, there you have it, y'all! I hope you're all as excited as I am!